HP are looking to create their own new smartwatch to take on the Moto 360 and other already available smartwatches, dubbed the HP luxury smartwatch, it has been designed by Michael Bastien, and will be sold through the online retailer Gilt in Autumn this year.

This is also around the same time for the rumoured round-faced Android Wear smartwatches, a move which may be set to compete directly with Google.

However the watch will not only support Android, but also iOS, a hint which could link to plans that Apple may have for launching their own open smartwatch platform.

The watch will be made from 44mm stainless steel, with inlaid button controls, and bezel bolts that are left in view. The watch also has a lit chronograph, and interchangeable straps.

As of yet pricing has not been announced for the smartwatch, however given that it is a luxury smartwatch, it’s likely that it won’t be cheap, however we know that it will arrive after September.

Source: Gilt

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