People take a lot of photos on their smartphone today, from the odd Instagram photo all the way up to the quick family photo.

HP has announced something today that will help you to get those photos off of your smartphone, into the real world.

This new product is the HP Sprocket, which is a small portable printer that has been designed to work with both your smartphone and your tablet, from a printer that fits in the palm of your hand.

HP explained more about it with the following:

HP envisions the new device finding popularity with teenagers and millennials who are drawn to fun, stylish gadgets that might be a hit at social events. In fact, that’s precisely where HP sees Sprocket finding its biggest following – at parties and other gatherings where fun-seekers might be taking selfies or looking at social media posts that they would like to print out, share nd take home with them.

HP ZINK® Photo Paper delivers bright, glossy photos without ink or toner cartridges, — all the color required for printing is embedded in the HP ZINK® photo paper itself. It delivers printed snaps that are vibrant smudge-proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant. Peel off the backing, and the photos become stickers to decorate bags, scrapbooks, journals, and walls.

You can read more about the printer at the source link below, it will be available in the US for $129.99.

Source: HP

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