You may have heard that yesterday HTC closed all their operations within Brazil yesterday afternoon, well now it has been confirmed that HTC will be closing their offices in Brazil and shutting down all current lines of business within the country. HTC has reassured us that any of its current customers will not see a lack a service due to the move and any country outside of the country will remain unaffected by the closure, a HTC spokesman talked to Slashgear about the closures by means of a statement where he said:

“After careful analysis of our lines of business, HTC is closing our office in Brazil. We will continue after-sales support for our products so this should not result in a change in service for current customers. This decision does not have an impact on HTC’s business outside of Brazil.” – HTC Spokesperson

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

Via [SlashGear]

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