In an email it sent to users on Sunday, HTC revealed that they will be shutting down its movie rental and purchase service, HTC Watch on March 31st in the UK.

They didn’t reveal their reasons for the shutdown in the email, but they did say that users should download any purchased movies to their device if they still want to access them after the service’s closure, meaning that it’s likely the service won’t be coming back in any different form.

This comes after the service was shut down in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden in May 2013, at which point HTC said that the service would remain open to users in the UK, of course they are thinking differently now.

It’s likely that the reason for this is due to Google Play’s service being so dominant on the platform, stopping HTC from grabbing the numbers they need in order to keep the service running.

As of yet we don’t know how HTC will proceed after the closure of the HTC Watch service, but it’s likely that they will simply integrate further with Google Play’s rental service.

Via: Engadget

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