Facebook unveiled their new launcher for Android a few days ago, dubbed Facebook Home, the launcher has been designed to run on top of the Android platform, bringing a new set of features to the OS (details for which can be found here.)

But the launcher may not be for everyone, which is presumably why HTC have decided to make it optional in the upcoming HTC First handset, allowing users to switch between Home and a stock version of Android, as if they downloaded the launcher from Google Play.

Which is kinda weird, especially when you notice the word “stock”, which presumably means that the handset will not run HTC’s custom Sense overlay and will actually run the same version of Android as other stock devices like the Nexus.

Users will be able to make this change via the settings, after the HTC First hits stores that is.

The HTC First will launch in the US, exclusively on AT&T from April 12th for $99 on contract, launching on EE in the summer here in the UK.

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