HTC recently announced their latest smartphone to hit the market, the HTC One and you may be wondering where you might be able to pick up one, thankfully we are here to help, rounding up all the places in the UK where the phone will be available from launch.

One of the first to offer the phone will be O2, who will be stocking the phone in black from free for £477 a month on a 24 month contract, for this you will receive unlimited calls and texts as well as 2GB of data, you can pre-order the phone from

If 4G LTE takes your fancy, EE will also be supplying the handset for £69.99 on a 24 month contract, costing around £41 a month, this will include unlimited calls and texts well as 1GB of 4G data, if hat’s not too pricey for you, you can pre-order the phone at

Three will also be stocking the phone, available in both black and silver, you can pick up the HTC One with them on one of two 24 month contacts, unlimited internet 500, with 50 minutes, 5,000 texts and all you can eat data for £34 a month (the phone will cost £69 one-off), or the One Plan, also with unlimited data, you will get 2,000 minutes, 5,000 minutes to Three numbers and 5,000 texts for £36 a month, iff you prefer the phone is also available on Pay As You Go for £479.99.

You can pre-order from

Vodafone will also stock the phone as part of their “4G-ready” handsets, meaning that when they activate their LTE network, you will be able to switch to one of their LTE plans. Until then you will have to stick with the normal deals I’m afraid. For which you can pick up the phone in either black or silver from free for £42 a month on a 24 month contract, this will include unlimited calls, texts and 2GB of data. You can pre-order from

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