HTC has today issued a new financial report for November, revealing that the company made $522 million for the month, a figure that is up 3.2 percent from the month of October but is actually a 27.1 percent decrease year-over-year, something that is surprising given the sales of the HTC One, and is obviously disappointing for the company.

Alongside the financials, HTC also reported their expectations looking forward, expecting to ship 5.2 million smartphones in Q4 of 2014, with revenues expected to slide from 4.25% to 14.89% by the end of the year, with $1.35 to $1.52 billion in revenue in Q4 and a gross margin of 19-20%.

According to analysts these depressive results are due to the company’s lack of new customers during the Holiday season due to the HTC One Max being the only new offering in the US and Europe.

Source: HTC Investors

Via: GSMArena

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