After a hearing in London, HTC has been ordered to cease sales of the HTC One Mini in the UK from December 6th. Judge Richard Arnold ruled that the company has infringed patents held by Nokia in some of the microships used in the phone, but has delayed an injunction on the HTC One, allowing the manufacturer some time to organise an appeal.

Bloomberg first reported the case, HTC stated that the Nokia patents were for “a very small component” and therefore didn’t justify a full sales ban, however Judge Arnold disagreed to the statement.

HTC has since released a statement to Pocket-lint about the hearing, stating the following:

“HTC is pleased by the decision of the High Court of England and Wales to stay an injunction against certain chipsets, including those in our flagship HTC One, pending the outcome of our appeal against the validity and infringement of Nokia’s EP 0 998 024  patent.”

“Whilst the Court also granted an injunction that affects other third-party chipsets, we have filed urgent application to appeal. In the meantime, we are working with our chip suppliers to explore alternative solutions.”

“As always, HTC’s primary focus is on supporting our customers and ensuring minimal disruption to them and our business. Rest assured that our award winning HTC One handset will be available as usual.”

Via:, Pocket-Lint

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