Just looking at the Radar the first thing you see is a rather elegant yet user-friendly smartphone, featuring a range of extremely usable features to help you communicate and entertain on the move, with extreme ease. The Radar has been made from a high-quality metal in a sleek and slim casing.

This is defiantly one handset that makes carrying an easy task, measuring only 4.74 inches in height, 2.42 inches in width and a tiny 0.43 thick, with a total weight of 137 grams, making the phone an excellent size and weight to hold in your palm.

The HTC Radar has been built to fit in with the rest of HTC’s wide range of impressive phones, including the recently released HTC Titan as well as the brilliant HTC Sensation, the Radar includes it’s own amazing touch screen which has a built in 3.8 inch LCD display, whilst supporting a highly responsive touch screen.

The latest HTC smartphone also runs on the new Windows Phone operating system; version 7.5 Mango, providing 512MB of RAM alongside a nice 8GB’s of internal memory.

Within the software HTC has made sure to make communicating with others as easy as it can be, with a wide range of messaging services at your disposal, which includes full Social network integration, alongside other instant messaging services such as Windows Live, MMS, SMS and e-mail, which can all be typed out quickly and easily with the phones amazing touch screen keyboard.

Alongside this HTC has also added a range of call features and options too, allowing you not only make and receive calls in the most spectacular way possible but also giving you 5 and a half hours of talk time from a full charge.

The HTC Radar will also grant you complete access to all of your favourite social networks quickly and efficiently, which can be done through a set of integrated applications providing you access to Facebook and Twitter alongside other well-known networks. But the best part about this is you can do it just about anywhere, as the Radar supports a wide range of connections including 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS technology.

The second thing you will notice about this phone is the wide range of entertainment options that are available, allowing you to watch movies and videos, listen to music or radio and even capture some rather impressive photos and videos through it;s integrated camera.

The music player HTC have provided is just great and supports a wide range of formats alongside a surround sound and sound enhancement options, making listening to your music a joyful experience, alongside this HTC have also added a radio allowing to tune into your favourite station straight from the home screen.

Alongside these great music features the Radar also has some pretty great camera features, allowing you to take amazing photos from its front and rear facing cameras, the front facing camera can be used for both video calling and self-portraits, with the rear camera meant for greater things with a 5 megapixel lens and HD support you can capture all the great moments of your life in perfect quality.

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