The HTC One X is the second of the two One series phones that was launched in the UK today, with a 4.7 inch display, quad-core processor and NFC technology the One X certainly beasts most phones on the market including it’s much smaller and less powerful little brother the HTC One S (check our review for that here.)

As the more powerful models with HTC’s One Series it comes to no surprise the One X is a lot beefier than the other two, with a massive 4.7 inch display the phone can sometimes feel a little two big to use but the soft-touch back does add for redemption making the phone a lot nicer to hold than others on the market.

Alongside its screen the X also features a nice design much like that of the One S with a mix of rounded edges and glossy sides the One X looks great in both white and grey,  because of the phones plastic casing it is also extremely lightweight, but this does mean the phone looks a little less classy.

Alongside it’s the One X also includes some pretty cool features including an 8MP camera which has a few more feature than the One S including flash and support for 1080p video recording, overall the camera is great for occasional use but would not meet the needs of someone looking to take photos professionally.

As well as this the One X also like the S features Beats Audio Technology, which makes the phone perfect for playing radio and mp3’s at which great sound quality, alongside this the handset also includes a free two-year subscription to Dropbox giving you 25GB’s of storage to store your tracks on free.

To make the phone a bit more different than the One S HTC have also added Near Field Communication which currently is more or less unusable in the UK, but there are plans in store for uses with technology including Google Wallet transactions as well as rumored plans to host NFC transactions during the Olympics.

Now to the main part of the phone which is of course its quad-core processor which makes the phone much faster than a lot of phones we have used in the past and is twice the speed on the One S, due to the processor the One X is extremely capable off running almost any task at minimal speed, making it great for 3D gaming, tabbed browsing and extensive multitasking, all of which running without any problems.

Overall we thought the One X is great if you want an average phone that packs some punch, with some great features included the One X is great or anyone who wants a phone that can perform everyday tasks at lightning speed, but it is not phone for somebody who wants more than just the average functions.

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