The HTC One S is one of the two new ONe series models launched in the UK today, being the budget model the phone lacks some features of the One X but that doesn’t mean the One S doesn’t still pack a punch, with Android’s 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, Beats Audio and an 8MP camera the One S is defiantly the phone for you.

Alongside it’s 8MP camera and Beats Audio software the One S also features a spacious 4.3 inch display, which is extremely comfortable to use fitting in the palm of your hand nicely, alongside this the phone is an oblong shape with rounded corners making it feel a lot sleeker and slimmer than the One X.

The finish HTC put on the phone makes it extremely attractive, available in three different colors including black, grey and white you get an okay choice between which color you want, being a lot cheaper than the One X, some savings have been made with the phones hardware but we haven’t noticed this with the rest of the handset which is still very lightweight and sleek looking despite the budget label.

The camera is one of the main features of the phone which is an 8MP rear facing camera with an f2.0 lens and new camera software, taking pictures with this phone is a breeze, producing crisp and clear images, as well as some nice options within the camera software including a burst mode which can take up to 99 pictures consecutively, it is disappointing however that there is no front facing camera on the S, which is one option we really did miss.

The second feature that defines the phone is defiantly the Beats Audio technology, which provides the phone with world leading sound quality hen listening the radio and MP3s stored on your phone, as well as this you also get free 25GB cloud storage from Dropbox for two years, giving you plenty of space to store your tunes.

We found that overall the One S performs very well compared to some of its competitors on the market, although it does not have the quad-core processor, performing normal tasks such as searching the web, checking e-mail, calling and texting people is a breeze, with the 1.5GHz dual-core chip the One S is speedy enough.

Overall we really liked the phone which we think could end up as a huge competitor against other ‘budget’ phones on the market, the beats audio technology and 8MP camera defiantly set the phone apart from any other phone available today for that price tag.

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