HTC has today sort of revealed the upcoming HTC One M8 smartphone, demonstrating it in a video which explains the difference between a Ultrapixel and a megapixel, said to be adopted to provide better quality images, Ultrapixel is a technology which HTC has been using in their One series for some time now.

Rumours suggest that the camera on the new HTC One will also feature this technology in not one but two cameras, said to provide a quality that is even better than what has been previously been provided.

As of yet the closest look at the smartphone we have officially is this video that HTC released today, however it doesn’t really show of the smartphone, as HTC have pixelated images of the handset and have bleeped over any of its details.

It’s quite an interesting way of marketing the smartphone ahead of its rumoured unveiling on March 25th, check it out below.

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