Recently Apple has been suing a lot of companies, but more recently it has been turned on the other hand, with HTC filing a new lawsuit against Apple for infringement against three of its patents, two of which were acquired by HTC back in April with the purchase of ADC Telecommunications.

These patents are for technology that Apple already uses in its devices, including its computer, the iPhone, iPad and iPod which HTC is seeking to halt the importation of all of the affected devices which is virtually everything Apple sells, but only plans to block these in the US for now.

This seems like a bit of revenge on HTC’s behalf to me, after Apple recently won their patent case against HTC, which could potentially block the sale of the affected devices in the US, HTC has said that they will negotiate with Apple, but there is no sign of any sort of agreement just yet.

Check out the official complaint from HTC here (PDF), as well as the individual patents in question herehere and here.

What do you think? A bit of revenge from HTC, or is it a way to get Apple to give up? Who will win this time?

Drop us a line or two in the comments below.

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