HTC just teased some pretty exciting news.

The HTC U11 “is about to get a new personal assistant” with the upcoming launch of an update that will bring Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant to the smartphone as an alternative to Google Assistant.

This was first confirmed back when the U11 was originally launched, at which point they said that Alexa would come within the first few months of the phone’s shelf life.

Today it has been confirmed on HTC’s official Twitter account that it will launch in just three days time.

Here’s that tweet:

The advantage of Alexa not only provides you with Amazon’s exciting work with the assistant but also with access to the new Drop In feature, which will allow you to call anyone’s Amazon Echo device from your smartphone.

You will also have access to the range of Amazon Alexa skills.

We don’t know how you will set it up just yet, so we will update you when we do.

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