During their event in New York yesterday, HTC not unveiled the new Desire Eye smartphone but also a dedicated action camera.

Dubbed the Re Camera, the new action camera has been designed to allow user to capture moments quickly, offering both video and photo capture through its 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, 146 degree wide angle lens and ability to capture videos at a 1080p resolution.

Ther Re also has an in-grip sensor that can automatically turn on the device when held, allowing the user to quickly pan shots. There’s also a dedicated shutter button on the top, press this once and it will take a photo, hold it down and it will begin video recording.

There’s even a dedicated app for smartphones that allows you to live view captured content from your mobile device, or view the already captured images and videos in the album and playback view.

Here’s how HTC announced the camera on their blog post:

“RE is a small handheld camera that allows you to capture and fully experience every moment, through video and photography, without the hassle and awkwardness of grabbing your phone or camera and missing the moment because you were too busy capturing it.”

The HTC Re Camera will launch in the US for $199.99 in November, shortly after which it should make its way to other countries.

Source: HTC

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