HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou has today announced that he will be stepping down as CEO and will be replaced by Cher Wang from today.

Shortly after which Chou will begin his new role at HTC as the head of the new HTC Future Development Lab, which will be focused on developing and launching new products for the company.

This comes after the company has seen declining sales in their devices over the last few, most of which is due to the increased competition from a number of other manufacturers like Samsung and Apple, despite being the first company to launch an Android company, and despite having some of the best looking smartphones on the market today.

Hopefully the company won’t change too much of what it is good at however, given that the new CEO just happens to be the second co-founder of the company, which was founded back in 1997 by both Petter Chou and Cher Wang.

Here’s what Cher Wang told Bloomberg about the new appointment:

“I know the company, I know the people, and I have the vision, I think I am the best candidate. I suggested it.”

It will certainly be interesting to see if HTC performs any better under the leadership of Wang.

Source Bloomberg

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