The President of Huawei, Xu Xin Quan has today confirmed that Huawei will be making a successor the Ascend P6, dubbed the Ascend P6S it will sport an octa-core processor powered by MediaTek that will work a little different from the usual octa-core processors that you would find in a Samsung Galaxy S4.

It does that by using all of its eight cores at the same time, different from the S4 as that handset swaps between the 2 sets of four cores when more power is needed, this means that the P6S will actually provide more power throughout your use of the handset, rather than just at times when it thinks you need it, as well as providing better performance in terms of less battery consumption.

No info on pricing, availability or any other specs have been announced yet, but we can expect to hear more about the P6S at CES 2014 early next year.

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