Huawei has this week announced a brand new fitness tracker band, called the Huawei Honor Band A1, it was unveiled alongside their new V8 smartphone.

It is basically a fitness tracker that can measure your running, walking, steps, calories burnt, sleeping patterns and more.

It is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and features a 70mAh battery that is said to be capable of lasting up to 28 days, after which it can be recharged over USB.

Huawei Honor Band A1 1

The Band A1 also has a UV sensor, with a body that has an IP57 rating for water and dust protection.

It will be available in eight different colours, with either a leather strap or silicone strap.

It is priced from $15.

It will be available to order in China and will go on sale from May 25th. No details about the global roll out yet.

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