Today Huawei announced the launch of a new 360-degree clip-on camera for use with smartphones.

Called the Honor VR Camera, it was developed as part of a partnership between Huawei and Insta360 to provide 360-degree video capture on smartphones via an app that was developed by Insta260 and provides the ability to shoot in “3K” and live-stream video to the web.

Sadly there still aren’t many details for the VR camera, and we haven’t seen much more than what we have previously stated in this article.

We don’t yet know what resolution the camera will work in, or if it will work with just Huawei smartphones, or all smartphones.

There’s also no pricing or release date details for the Honor VR Camera just yet.

We should hear all of these details and hopefully more at MWC over the next week, at which point we will update you.

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