A Reddit user named ChristianRiesen has today took to the platform to leak information about The Division.

In his post he claimed to have found information about the game through its final translation files and found a huge amount of pre-launch details.

From this, he found a list of around 125 weapons, with not only the standard rifle, pistol or shotgun, but also some unique weapon archetypes called Black Market, Classic, Custom, Enhanced, First Wave, Military, Police and Tactical weapons.

He also found what may be DLC weapons, including G36 assault rifle, SPAS12 shotgun and FN 57 sidearm.

And to top this off, another Redditor named itsgamerdoc revealed the games 26 campaign missions from data mining the game, which he them posted online.

According to the Reddit user, the missions will also contain a total of 49 cutscenes.

This should mean that the game’s campaign will last between 10-15 hours, which is okay, however, most of the game will consist of Dark Zone expeditions and free roaming.

When free-roaming, itsgamerdoc claims that there will be vehicles such as the “waterplane” and a “helicopter with mini machine guns” to play with.

You can read more at the source links.

Source: Reddit (1), Reddit (2)

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