Freeview Play will soon be the next best option for you to access connected services alongside the usual television programming for free, giving you the first real free option to accessing content like this on your TV, and allowing you to cut cords with services like YouView, Sky or Virgin Media.

Humax are now the first to unveil a box for this new FreeView Play service, allowing you to upgrade your existing TV to accept the new service without having to replace the TV itself.

This new box is called the Humax FVP-400T and comes in two different colours and a design that features faux leather on the top that blends cappuccino and mocha.

The box itself has a total of three tuners, allowing users to record two channels and watch a third channel at the same time, this comes alongside either a 500GB or 1TB hard drive to store up to 300 or 600 hours of programmes.

What’s more, the new box also comes with both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections to allow you to connect to your router easily to access the free catch-up services, allowing users to blend broadcast with catch-up content easily.

The box also has a HDMI port, Composite port, optical port, a RF loopthrough and a USB port.

Humax will be launching the new FVP-4000T Freeview Play box from today at a number of high-street retailers, including John Lewis, Argos and Tesco who will be selling the 500GB model for £199.99, and the 1TB model for £229.99.

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