Probably one of the biggest company’s to change the face of the gaming industry (aside from valve) is Humble Bundle, offering users of their website the ability to purchase various games in a pay what you want scheme, whilst giving something back to both charities and the developer.

And with their latest bundle they are going big, releasing the Humble Deep Silver Bundle, that makes Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row  2, Risen 2 Dark Waters and Sacred 2: Gold Edition available within this scheme.

And if gamers pay over the average, they will also receive Deep Island: Game of the year Edition alongside Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package, which includes all of the DLC released so far.

But that’s still not all, as Deep Silver will also be offering their latest game, Dead Island: Riptide to buyers if they pay $25 or more.

All of these games are available for Windows, and can be downloaded using Steam, they will also come with DRM-free versions of the soundtracks, check out the full details and donate your chosen price for this bundle at

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