Hyperloop was only an idea from Elon Musk sometime ago, it didn’t look like it was getting very far and Musk didn’t have time to push it himself, thankfully, a number of companies decided to take on the idea of Hyperloop for real.

One of those companies is Hyperloop One, who announced that they had taken one of the biggest steps towards the launch of the transportation, completing a full-scale test of their technology in a vacuum environment for the first time.

The test was conducted at Hyperloop One’s DevLoop test track in Nevada, where they ran a real-to-life passenger pad above a track for just over five seconds. During those few seconds, the pod reached nearly 2Gs of acceleration. But instead of their planned top speed of 750 mph, the test’s target speed was just 70 mph, so in the real world, it would go much faster.

PRNewsfoto/Hyperloop One

In the next test, they will be expanding that top speed to up to 250 mph.

Hyperloop One wrote the following about the test:

“’Fire in 5. 4. 3. 2, and 1.’ There was a half-second delay. A clench in the throat. Then, sure enough, the sled shot off down the track, chased by the electromagnetic force from the stator. The wheel mounts rumbled along for a second, and then the rumbling stopped as the pod lifted off the track and glided for 3 seconds before coming to a halt on its own.”

You can also watch the video below for a quick look at the test.

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