Hyperloop One has been testing their new transportation system in the US for some time now, however, their plans don’t end in America.

Today Hyperloop One revealed their plans to expand this network across the world with the aim of creating the “broadband for transportation”.

In particular, they revealed details about their plans to launch Hyperloop One across Europe under their “global challenge”, which invited cities across the world to pitch why they should be one of the first to host the Hyperloop network.

Hyperloop One then looked at these pitches and shortlisted the routes that it thought would be economically and technically viable.

Within those routes, Hyperloop One revealed the nine routes that they are considering for a loop of around 90km between Estonia and Finland, as well as a more extensive loop that will wrap around Germany and will be around 2000km long.

They also have plans to launch several routes in the UK, including a loop between Edinburgh and London that will see the journey cut to just 50 minutes.

They also have plans to launch in Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh, as well as a direct connection between Scotland and Wales (pictured above).

There are also some plans to launch routes between Corsica and Sardinia and between Spain and Morocco, however, these would involve crossing large bodies of water and as such, they could be a bit of a financial burden.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this develops over time and we will be sure to update you as we hear more about it.

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