A new ISP has recently come to light, named Hypersonic the new start-up aims to bring 1GBps speeds to homes across the UK, already installed in 20,000 homes across London, the service offers 10 times faster speed than BT or even Virgin Media at £50 a month.

Currently the start-up is only looking at installing in blocks of 100 flats or more within urban areas, due to the costs being lower and the investment being higher, however they do have aims to work with developers and landlords to expand the service further.

It’s certainly something I for one would defiantly be interested in, and I’m sure you guys would be too.

Just imagine downloading and streaming in just a couple of seconds, heck you could download the whole season of Game of Thrones in just a few minutes, it’s truly mind-blowing.

You can find out more about the service and there plans for expansion on their site, where you will also be able to register your interest in signing up for the fastest network in the UK currently.

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