If you live in the US then you might be kinda jealous of your friends with Android phones paying for everything with Google Wallet, and you stuck with the card. Well with iCache’s new iPhone case you can do the same even without NFC technology.

One thing about Google Wallet that I have never been to sure of is its security I mean anyone can guess a password right? Which is the biggest advantage to owning a Geode as iCache have added a biometric security system adding the extra bit of security to your wallet, without the password.

To add a new card to the app all you do is simply swipe your card through the enclosed reader, which will extract all of the information carried by your card and then adds it to the apps database along with all the other cards you have scanned, once you have done that, to pay you simply click the card you want to use and the case will load that cards info onto the included Geode Card, which is a rewritable magnetic stripe card, allowing you to change the details whenever and wherever you want.


After reading that you may be thinking but that still leaves me with a card, which isn’t secure, and that’s where the Biometric Figerprint Reader on the front of the case comes in, as you must scan your finger before you can access the wallet and re-write any information onto the card.

Alongside credit cards the Geode can also carry your loyalty cards, which you can add just as easily, all you have yo do is take a picture of the barcode on your card and the app will do everything for you, but there is one problem with showing a barcode on the iPhone’s screen, sometimes it works and sometimes is doesn’t.

Well iCache have even thought of that by adding an e-ink display on the back of the case, which will display any of your barcodes as clearly as the card itself.

There is one problem that might put a lot of people off, its price tag which comes in at $199 or about £130, but I think it’s worth every penny especially after you think about whats included within the case itself, but all that technology does come with a price tag.

If your interested in one for yourself head on over to iCache.com

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