For a long time domain names have always ended with a dot something, however Google has been looking for a change in the way this has previously been done, petitioning ICANN to create “dot less domain” in order for users to access commonly used terms quickly, specifically to launch the new site address, “http://search”.

However these dreams of Google’s were soon crushed after the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or rather ICANN responded to this in a way Google probably didn’t expect, prohibiting the launch of the domains due to certain security risks involved.

If accepted Google would have launched a service which would have taken users to the search provider of their choose just by typing in http://search. But they haven’t given in yet, and will instead decide to launch the service with a dot instead.

And since it already has a ton of new gTD’s (generic top-level domains) that include .search, .app, .blog and .cloud, it shouldn’t be to hard for them to create something more custom.

Via: PC Mag

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