There’s one tear-down from the guys over at iFixit that we are sure all of you have been looking for, and that’s a tear-down of the Apple Watch.

Well if you are one of those people who have been looking forward to the iFixit tear-town then you will be happy to know that they found some pretty interesting stuff.

The first is that inside of the watch there is an oxygen sensor that is currently unused, alongside the discovery of the heart rate sensor being an oximeter, which means that it should be able to measure the wearer’s blood oxygen levels alongside their heart rate.

But that’s not all, as iFixit also found that the Si SiP (the on-board processor) was extremely difficult to remove, this is a setback as it was previously thought that this might mean the Apple Watch could be upgraded in the future, however because of its difficulty to remove this won’t be the case.

And there’s a few more things as well, but we will leave you to find that at the source link below, or from the video embed just above it.

If the tear-down doesn’t faze you then you can pick up and Apple Watch today from Apple’s website.

Source: iFixit

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