Google released the new Pixel 2 around the world today and that means a few things, we get our hands on it, the reviewers get their hands on it and iFixit gets to tear it down, of course.

They did just that today, releasing a teardown for the new smartphone earlier today and revealing a few things about the smartphone, some that we have seen both and others that we haven’t.

One of which was one of the Pixel 2’s main features, Active Edge, which allows you to squeeze the sides of the Pixel 2 in order to open up Google Assistant.

As iFixit got inside of the device, they were able to take a look at how this Active Edge worked, from the inside.

And what they revealed were pretty cool.

Basically, Google has used a pair of strain gauges on either side of the phone that a sensitive to being flexed and as that happens, an electrical signal will go through them.They also use a set of resistors that will squeeze as you do the same to the device, allowing the Pixel to see how much you have bent them.

Aside from that, the insides of the device are similar to the original Pixel.

Once finished, iFixit marked the Pixel 2 with a 6 out of 10 on their repairability, meaning that while it is somewhat repairable, you might not want to do it yourself.

You can read the full teardown for yourself at the source link below.

Source: iFixit

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