You may not have been able to get you hands on Razer’s new virtual reality kit, due to the fact that it is only available in a developer kit currently.

Called the Razer OSVR HDK 2, iFixit torn it down to find out what is inside of the open-source virtual reality headset, and provided it with a repairability score to let people know how easy it is to repair.

iFixit gave the OSVR HDK 2 an impressive repairability score of 9 out of 10, providing the following reasons for such a score:

– Standard Phillips screws hold the headset and its components together.
– The motherboard is easily accessible after removing the cover.
– The cables and foam facepad are sturdy and detach easily.
– Reconnecting the motherboard to the two display data cables underneath is tricky.
– The two OLED screens are attached to the case with adhesive that required some prying to detach.

Make sure to hit up the source link below to read the full tear-down of the device.

Source: iFixit

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