For some time now VR lovers have been waiting for the release of the Oculus Touch controllers.

They are controllers that have been designed to work well with VR, with a design that is meant to keep out of the way while you are in virtual reality.

The controllers are now available from a number of retailers and so, iFixit has conducted one of their usual teardowns to see what’s inside.

In their teardown, iFixit noted that the controllers had easy to replace batteries via a magnetic cover, giving it a repairability score of 5 out of 10.

– The joystick, button bases, and battery connections are soldered directly to a board and require soldering knowledge to repair.
– Navigating through the tabs, adhesive, and hidden screws is not intuitive and could result in damage during disassembly.

Oculus finally catches up with the big boys with the release of their ultra-responsive Oculus Touch controllers. Requiring a second IR camera and featuring a whole mess of tactile and capacitive input options, these controllers are bound to be chock full of IR LEDs and tons of exciting tech—but we’ll only know for sure if we tear them down!

You can check out the full teardown at the source link below.

Source: iFixit


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