You can’t launch a tech product with iFixit tearing it down and taking a look at its inside this week and Google’s Home is no different.

Today iFixit released their teardown for this Google Home device, revealing its insides, which are interesting the same as last year’s 2nd-gen Chromecast dongle.

This includes an Armada 1500 Mini Plus which has two ARM Cortex-A7 cores and comes alongside 256Gb of storage and 512MB of RAM.

As with the rest of the iFixit teardowns, they also provided it with a repairability score of 8/10.

This states that the Google Home is actually quite repairable, with 1 being the hardest to repair and 10 being the easiest.

Despite that, iFixit does point out that you will need heat to dislodge the touch board and its PCB. But most of the insides are otherwise easy to access.

You can read the full teardown from iFixit at the source link below.

Source: iFixit

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