Tear-downs by iFixIt are defiantly one of the most exciting sections of a release schedule, giving us an inside look at the smartphones we have been reporting for so long, and the Moto X is no different, today releasing their tear-down guide for the US built smartphone, giving it an overall repairability score of 7 out of 10, make it a phone that can be easily repaired, but with some tricky sections.

iFixIt discovered an X8 Mobile Computing system inside the Moto X, featuring four graphic processor cores, two application processor cores and two lower power cores, bringing the total to 8 cores.

But the main reason for that 7 out of 10 score was due to the reduction in screws when compared to other smartphones, that use a T3 screw size, making it easy to dis-assemble.

However they did find that removing the back cover was a bit to tricky as it was taped-in, alongside which there was no replaceable battery.

You can view the full tear-down at the link below.

Source: iFixit

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