If you have been waiting to pick up the Nintendo Switch but would like to know what its insides look like before you do then you are in look,iFixit are back to their usual business, tearing down the new console to reveal the parts inside.

One of the main features that the guys over at iFixit noticed was that the tablet part of the console actually looked similar to a computer with a battery, heatpipe, thermal paste, fans, and all of the circuit boards that you could want in a device.

They noticed that a number of components inside could be easily replaced including the screen, motherboard, antennas, and a number of other components, however, the battery would not be so easy to replace and you would need a special screwdriver to get at any of these components.

On top of that, the display has been glued on.

To conclude, iFixit gave the Nintendo Switch a pretty impressive repairability score of eight out of ten.

Check out the video below for a quick look at their findings.

Source: iFixit

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