The iPhone X is now available to buy and that means one very important thing: iFixit has published their teardown of the device.

And that teardown reveals that the internals are just as interesting as the exterior of the device, featuring a new logic board that has been reduced dramatically in size alongside a brand new L-shaped two-cell battery, both of which are firsts for Apple and the iPhone.

By stacking the logic board, Apple has managed to drink the size down to about 70% of the space of a logic board from the iPhone 8 Plus and this is dispute it having more connectors and chips on it.

In order to do this, Apple folded the bord and soldered the two parts together. iFixit say that when it’s unfolded and laid flat it is actually 35% larger than the 8Plus, which shows just how much more Apple fit into this board.

In fact, iFixit said that the density of components on this board is unprecedented.

With that extra space Apple has fitted a new L-shaped battery component, the which is a two-cell battery that offers 10.35Wh, just a little more than the iPhone 8 Plus, despite it being a smaller device.

There’s also a new bracket for the rear dual camera and the Lightning connector seems to have been reinforced with a new wider bracket and screws.

You can read the full teardown over at iFixit to find out more.

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