AmpliTube’s multitude of products for your iPhone, iPad and PC are amazing allowing you to use your chosen device as an amp for various instruments, one of the biggest and first products they released was the iRig connector which allows you to play your Guitar or Bass through your iPad, iPhone or PC, and with the newest Amplitube Slash app you can use Slash’s great sounding amps with your device.

What makes this app different to the other AmpliTube apps is that it comes with two new Slash amps, the Marshall® JCM Slash Edition Silver Jubilee and the Marshall® AFD 100 alongside 6 stompbox effects that Slash uses, including Delay, Gate, Octave/Fuzz, Chorus, Booster and Wah/Distortion, alongside with the fact you can use it on a wide range of IK Multimedia’s products including the iRig, iRIg STOMP, iRig MIDI, StealthPlug and StealthPedal.

You can download the Slash Standalone app for your iPhone or iPad by clicking those links, or if you prefer you can download the add-ons within your already downloaded AmpliTube app, or through the AmpliTube Custom Shop for Mac or PC.

Check out the official video demo from Slash below, and click on the source link for more info.

Via [IK Multimedia]

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