This week Ikea announced their plans for Apple’s new augmented reality technology, ARKit, which was announced by Apple back at their Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

They revealed that they are planning to use this new technology with their own augmented reality app, Ikea Place, which is available in the US from today and will be released in the UK soon.

It is a free app for iOS devices and uses Apple’s ARKIt to allow you to check what Ikea’s furniture will look like in your home.

You simply open up the app and then point it where you want the piece of furniture and the app will show that furniture right on your phone, as if it was actually there.

You can do this right after you have downloaded and installed the app, from which you can also rotate and place a piece of furniture to make sure that it is in the perfect spot.

You can also share snapshots of the virtual furniture in your home via other more social apps on your device, such as through WhatsApp or Instagram.

And of course, you can also order the real version of the furniture from the Ikea Store once you decide if you want it or not.

The app does require the latest version of iOS, iOS 11 in order to work correctly, however, this version of iOS is compatible with most of Apple’s devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

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