Some time ago Ikea revealed their wireless charging furniture for smartphones, now they are expanding their line-up of smartphone cartable products to the placemat, launched the new Logged Out Placemat, which has been designed to keep off their smartphone whilst at the dinner table.

Featuring a built-in smartphone pocket, users simply need to place their smartphone into the pocket and then forget about it.

Ikea explains more:

Even though most of us enjoy the physical meeting with friends, more and more people are bringing their smartphones with them to the dining table. So why not hide them in a pocket at least? Put them away for a while and let go of the constant checking of social media updates. That’s what the textile designer Maria Vinka and the product developer team thought of when designing the SITTNING place mat. After all, the idea with the collection is a celebration of being together. To share something more than just a meal.

The Logged Out Placemat from Ikea will be available later this year for $2, no UK price has been announced yet.

Source Ikea

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