Getting up at the right time of the day can sometimes be a difficult task, however the accessory maker, iLuv is today trying to helping you that, releasing a new alarm clock designed specifically for the heavy sleeper.

Dubbed the TimeShaker, it is the first alarm clock made by the company, and comes with a few special features to help you with your oversleeping woes.

Featuring a detachable shaker, you simply place the model under you pillow and it will vibrate at the set alarm time, for which you can set two separate times of the day.

The dock also features a Lighting connector for socking your iPhone at night, as well as an FM radio, LCD display with 10-level dimmer, and a feature called TimeSync, allowing you to sync the time from your iPhone of iPod.

The TimeShaker will be available from August of this year, launching for around $100.

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