Over the last few days and weeks, we have seen a number of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Today all of these rumors have been updated with the release of a newly leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which was posted on the internet earlier this week and seems to show the phone with on-screen navigation buttons.

These buttons are something that smartphone lovers have fought over for some time now, a lot of people prefer a special placement for buttons, but people also like to have a bit more space for their screen.

If true, this move from Samsung is sure to shake a few heads.

In the image, you can see the new dedicated area at the bottom of the screen for the new navigation buttons, which have slightly different designs than the stock Android icons, however, we don’t yet know how they will behave or even if they are real.

Samsung is expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy S8 at some point in March or April, however, it is also possible that they might tease it at this year’s MWC event.

As soon as we hear anything official we will let you know.

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