[Update August 23rd] Today some more details about the PlayStation 4 Slim console have been revealed, alongside the release of an unboxing video.

Interestingly, some new details about the console were also revealed today, meaning we now know that the console will come with a new controller, a wired microphone/ earpiece, a power cable, and a Micro USB cable. On the box we have also noticed that the Slim will be compatible with PlayStation VR, which will plug into the AUX port on the back of the console.

The controller has also been redesigned, with an adjustment to the light bar to allow it to show through the front of the touch pad, along with a slightly different coloured version for the thumbsticks, D-Pad and buttons.

Check out that unboxing video below for a quick look.

[Original Story August 22nd] We have heard rumours about Sony’s PlayStation 4K/ Neo, but as according to recent rumours, that might not be all, with new rumours suggesting that Sony will also be launching a PlayStation 4 Slim console.

Sony is set to host an event on September 7th, where they are expected to announce both of these new consoles.

But ahead of that time, some new images of this PlayStation 4 Slim console have been released on the net.

According to the rumours, the PS4 Slim console was first listed on the Gumtree online auction and then sold to a guy who proceeded to show off a few images of the console, its accessories and more.

Check out the images below for an early look, and if it is true then you might hear more about the console, with specifications and more on September 7th.

PlayStation 4 Slim 2 PlayStation 4 Slim 1 PlayStation 4 Slim

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