Recently  Blizzard opened their servers for an open beta of Diablo 3 in order to stress test these systems, the beta which lasted the weekend was enjoyed by various players across the world, including us after which we thought we would tell you some of our impressions of the game.

To start if you are a previous Diablo player you will recognise a lot of the gameplay throughout the game and is still the same old action role-playing, hack and slash, dungeon crawling game.

Another thing you will recognise within the game is the setting which is the same Sanctuary featured in previous Diablo games, which is the dark shadowed fantasy world which was saved in the previous game.

During the game, you will play as your chosen character taking part in various quests which have been set by village members within the game’s setting, during your travels to these locations  you will encounter various NPCs which you fight with various weapons and skills.

During the beta, we only got to play as far as the first mission of the game, which still gave some idea of the good and bad features within the game.

Some of the bad points we found the game included firstly how hard it would be for new players of the Diablo series to pick up the controls for the game, alongside this, we also thought Blizzard could have included more keyboard based controls within the game instead of plain old point and click gameplay.

Alongside this, we also thought the controls and gameplay within the game where too similar to the other games in the series.

Some points we did like however was the sound and graphics used within the game, which we found to be very well made and used within the game, especially on the title screen which we thought was especially well used in the title screen.

For a bit more detail we have teamed up with the YouTuber GeekwGlasseslive whose most recent video shows off some of his first impressions and thought of the gameplay within the beta, check out his channel and that video below.


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