Indiegogo has today announced that they have today launched a new application for its crowd-funding platform, now available on the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Currently the world’s largest crowd-funding platform, Indiegogo is used even more than Kickstarter, despite the amount of promotion Kickstarter projects normally get.

Indiegogo hopes that this popularity will only increase with the launch of an app for the platform.

The app will allow users to search through recommendations based on their past activity and preferred categories, as well as claim campaign packs, and even explore and follow new campaign categories, or share their favourites.

If the user is running a campaign on the platform, they can also receive notifications for their campaign through the app, allowing them to get notified each time they get a contribution, or receive a comment.

Campaign owners can also post both updates and photos from the app, as well as thank contributors and reply to comments. They can also send custom messages to their phone and Facebook contacts through the app.

Indiegogo say that they are currently developing an Android version of the app, but currently its only available to download on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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