What do you do after your project has concluded, received all the cash you need and meet all of your set goals? Currently, there isn’t a lot of guidance for that step, however, Indiegogo has this week revealed that they are changing that with a new partnership.

The partnership is with the manufacturer Arrow Electronics, and will help projects on the platform to get to the next step of production, offering them with assistance with engineering and manufacturing.

The project has been launched by Indiegogo to help these project to succeed rather than fail, which is all too common today, with a number of failing projects that have managed to raise millions but still fail.

Indiegogo explains more about the deal:

Indiegogo, the global platform for entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, and Arrow Electronics, the global technology company providing products and solutions that guide innovation forward, today forged a strategic alliance to create a groundbreaking new crowdfund-to-production platform aimed at accelerating the pace of innovation for technology and Internet of Things (IoT) entrepreneurs.

Arrow is integrating its comprehensive design and production platform into Indiegogo’s crowdfunding engine—creating a first-of-its-kind program that will provide qualifying Indiegogo entrepreneurs with direct online access to Arrow’s design tools, engineering experts, prototype services, manufacturing support and even supply chain management—a total package of benefits worth up to $500,000. Arrow will assess select Indiegogo campaigns for their technical feasibility, manufacturability and overall impact; Arrow-supported campaigns will be denoted on the Indiegogo site with a special Arrow badge.

In addition to industry-leading technical and design support, Arrow will also provide qualifying Indiegogo entrepreneurs with discounts on bills of materials and technology-design software, as well as access to dedicated design engineers capable of solving the most complex design challenges via Arrow.com’s live video collaboration platform. Arrow will also feature select technology campaigns on Arrow.com and the Arrow technology-focused media network, which generates over 50 million page views a month.

Matt Anderson, Arrow’s chief digital officer also added:

This is a completely new model of social funding, innovation and production in the technology and IoT space. Crowdfunding has never before been integrated into a fully scaled innovation platform like this that spans collaborative online design, prototype support, production and supply chain management. – The Arrow-Indiegogo collaboration will enable successfully crowdfunded companies to scale faster than ever before to bring their products to market.

You can read more about the partnership at the source link below.

Source: Arrow Electronics

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