There’s a huge problem with USB ports, and especially USB-C ports and that is that there’s just not enough of them, meaning that your often left to choose what device you plug in, and what device you don’t.

A new Kickstarter project called InfiniteUSB has today been released to help solve this problem, it does this by creating an unlimited supply of USB slots by daisy chaining USB ports, all you do is plug a InfiniteUSB into a InfiniteUSB, and then you USB device into the individual InfiniteUSBs.

All of this just from one USB port on your computer.

However that’s not all, what makes the project really interesting is that are also making something called InfiniteUSB-C, which will do the same for both the MacBook 12″ and the Chromebook Pixel, solving the problem that the MacBook and the Pixel have.

And the best thing? It has already completed its funding goal, which was originally set at $10,000, but at the time of writing they have reached over $168,000.

You can back the project at the source link below, and find more.

Source: Kickstarter (InfiniteUSB)

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