There’s really only two types of fighting games out there, the typical arcade beat em up, and the full on cinematic version with a focus on a particular story, the problem is that most of tge time these games either do one or the other wrong, you either end up with a game with poor fighting mechanics or that has too poor of a storyline.

With Injustice Gods Among Us, NetherRealm Studios have tried to break this cycle, releasing a game that feels extremely well-rounded, after it did the same with the latest Mortal Kombat reboot, a game which is actually pretty similar to Injustice.

The story starts by giving you some back story, The Joker has managed to get hold of a nuclear bomb with the aid of his fellow villain, Lex Luther he tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane + baby, by making him think she is Doomsday, pissed at The Joker, Superman takes out his revenge.

In order to save their planet, an alternate Batman summons superheros from the other dimension, to one which The Joker did not succeed, within which they must face superheroes that have been turned by Superman and in turn, stop Superman from completing his evil plot.


Within the game you have the choice of playing with a total of 24 characters, all of which with their own abilities special attack moves and personalities, something that comes out as you make your way through the stage-by-stage battles, and with over 50 fights during the campaign, you’ll find yourself playing the story mode for about 7 hours.

After which you can jump into various other Battles, S.T.A.R.S. Labs and Training modes. Within the normal battles mode, you find yourself in an arcade mode, in which you play as a random character trying to defeat each character who stands in your path, with just a single health bar, and with over 20 paths to choose from, this mode will defiantly take some time.

Then you have the S.T.A.R.S Labs mode, which could be compared to Mortal Kombat’s challenge tower, the main aim being to complete 240 missions all with their own primary and secondary objectives, and then if you still need something to do there’s a training room, which as you can guess, allows you to study up on the games controls, fighting against dummy’s.

So I think it might be okay to say there’s a lot of single player content included in the game, but that isn’t to say that’s all Injustice has to offer, as it also includes a multiplayer mode, that will keep you playing for sometime longer.


Combat can get a little hairy at times, with maps allowing for use of the environment to attack your opponent, it’s not just their fists you need to watch out for whilst playing, and anything from a bomb all the way to a gas canister can be thrown at an opponent to try to weaken them further, and as they are completely unblockable, they can sometimes pack quite a bit off that health bar.

Another way to try and defeat your opponent faster is by using various combos, which once built up will allow you to use your characters special move, the Batman’s being a massive combo of attacks, where he first stuns his opponent, shocks them and then gets the Batmobile to drive into them, it’s pretty crazy.

Throughout the game, yo can also work to unlock various items such as costumes, art and music, something that just fills the game out a little more.


Overall Injustice Gods Among Us is a great game, with huge focus on both the multiplayer and single player content, you will be playing this game for weeks trying to unlock the to of content available, however the graphics of the game do seem to let it down a little, with poor work on the outside worlds textures and environments, this game only really looks okay when you’re in a fight..

However the sound is excellent  with gripping music it’s never a dull game to listen too, alongside which the voices for the character sound great, and with Kevin Conroy as the Batman and George Newbern as Superman, there’s some pretty big names acting in it too.

Injustice is simply a great game, and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for something new to play over the next few weeks/ months or even years.

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