InsightCloud is a new service aimed at businesses and allows them to control their own cloud based desktop, and host various applications and services such as email and Microsoft Office.

This allows a company to manage their business from anywhere in the world from their PC, Mac or even iPad, iPhone, iPod Android based device.

All the user has to do is login over through their Internet Browser and they will have access to all of their data, email and applications from the desk or from home.

This allows users to easily share and collaborate their files between colleagues without the need of being connected to an office server, which is great for keeping business costs down as there is no new hardware to buy, just one monthly fee.

The service is also delivered from UK hosting facilities which means a faster connection for those using the service within the UK, which is a hard thing to find with the magnitude of US-based servers out there.

All data stored on the service is also backed up regularly, which means you don’t have to worry about a lost presentation or word document.

The hosted desktop can even be customised to the users wants and needs, meaning you can grant them access to the applications you want them to use and nothing else, you can also set passwords to expire or even their account.

Also included with the hosted desktop is a great email platform, which allows you to give your users and individual email address for use within the platform, allowing them to easily communicate with other users on the desktop.

I found the service to be a lot better than I expected, with some great applications services included, I did find however that the service can sometimes be a little laggy and found that the resolution can sometimes take a while to sort out, and found that within Internet Explorer some sites will show at a different size to what the desktop has been set at.

The range of applications is probably the main reason to sign up to this service with access to services that include, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Infopath, SharePoint, Access, Internet Explorer and there’s even a Calculator and Paint application.

Alongside the apps Insight have also included a control panel within the desktop for accessing date and time, display, ease of access centre, keyboard, mouse, personalisation, region and language, sound and text to speech settings.

Users can also use the buttons that hover on top of all windows, allowing them to use clipboard as well as uploading and downloading of documents, to and from your computer.

In order to test how well the system worked with lag I typed a very long document within the word application, which I found to actually be very responsive and was only ever about one word behind what I had typed.

The great thing is that after you have typed that document you can save it to a specified folder as usual, but then access it from the insight panel anywhere in the world.

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The system does run Windows Server 2008 RT Enterprise Edition so everything is as modern as you would expect with flash support and the usual stuff you use from day-to-day.

If you do however apply the aero theme to make it look a bit more windows 7-ish you will find it will run a little slower as with any computer, but it does look a bit better

I did however find some problems when trying to upload files to the system and would have liked to see some way to see what is saved in the folders through the desktop.

I did really like how you can close the browser you where using the service on originally and continue on a separate device from where you left off and the system will even know when you are using the service on a mobile phone and  show a keyboard icon in the top right corner, instead of the clipboard, upload and download button, allowing users to use the touchscreen keyboard on the iPhone, iPod or iPad within its various applications.

This application is defiantly a great way of using normal computer functions on devices that don’t have them, as it can be loaded through a browser the service is also extremely portable and allows you to take your documents with you on the go, or even use certain applications such as word on computers that don’t have the software installed.

If you haven’t already check out some of the screenshots above for a good look at the service, and if you want, you can register for the service from £24.99 on InsightCloud’s website.

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