You might remember a Kickstarter project that we featured a little while back, called Instacube it was the talk of the town when it first launched on Kickstarter, and managed to secure funded of $621,049 by the time it finished its 45 day stretch.

The idea behind the project was to create a digital photo frame that would connect direct to the users Instagram account, and show high quality photos right from the frame.

Since that time, Instacube has been faced with a few problems, halted for a year due to lack of funds and manufacturing options, it has been a long wait for some of its backers, thankfully however that wait is now over and Instacube finally has a shipping date of April 5th.

And when it does hit your door, it’s going to be coming with a few extra features, now including an upgraded photo gram, and a set of speakers that allow it to support Instagram’s new video feature, as well as allow users to stream videos from Vine, Facebook and many other services in the near future.

The people who backed the project with enough funds will receive either the white or classic model over the next few months, however those who did not will have to wait sometime longer until the production of the frame has picked up, a date which has yet to be revealed.

Source – Engadget

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