Thankfully, a lot of services are seeing sense and securing their services recently and today Instagram has decided to join in on that, announcing that they are going to roll out two-factor authentication to all of their users.

They revealed this in an official blog earlier today, in which they revealing the update with a focus on “fostering a safer, kinder community.”

Additionally, two-factor authentication is now available to everyone. This tool adds an extra layer of security to your Instagram account by requiring a code every time you log in. Tap the gear icon on your profile and choose Two-Factor Authentication to turn it on.

They also revealed that they will soon blur out sensitive photos and videos, to unblur which you will have to tap the ‘See Photo’ button.

Soon you may notice a screen over sensitive photos and videos when you scroll through your feed or visit a profile. While these posts don’t violate our guidelines, someone in the community has reported them and our review team has confirmed they are sensitive.

Setting up two-factor authentication is also pretty easy, simply open up Instagram, slide into the settings, hit up the ‘Account’ tap and bang that ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ button.

After you have enabled this feature, you will have to enter a code that has been sent to you in order to log in to Instagram.

And that’s not all, Instagram also released a new website that will offer tips on how users can keep their account safe, deal with harassment, and more.

It will also provide tools for account blocking, comment controls, and photo tagging.

You can download the latest version of Instagram on the iTunes App Store today from the source link below.

Sources: Instagram, iTunes App Store (Instagram)

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