Intel has this week confirmed that they have signed a deal to acquire the German drone company, Ascending Technologies who specialise in detect-and-avoid systems for UAVs, you may remember them from Intel’s keynote from CES 2015, where they demonstrated a hovering drone that could move away from approaching people and obstacles automatically.

This acquisition clearly shows Intel’s interest in the UAV business, and it could play a part in Intel’s keynote at CES 2016 later this week.

Ascending Technologies will continue to support its existing customers after the acquisition however, and they plan to partner with Intel’s Perceptual Computing team to develop environment-aware drones.

With Ascending Technologies, Intel gains expertise and technology to accelerate the deployment of Intel RealSense technology into the fast growing drone market segment. We plan for the Ascending Technologies team to continue supporting their current customers while also collaborating with Intel’s Perceptual Computing team to develop UAV technology that can help drones fly with more awareness of their environments.

If Intel announce anything more during their keynote at CES 2016 later this week we will let you know.

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